What to Expect in Your Mediumship Reading

What to Expect in Your Mediumistic Reading:

In my experience as a medium, 98% of the time the person that you want to hear from in the reading does come through. It is important to understand that the spirit world decides who will come through, not you or me.  An analogy that I like to use is that of calling up to heaven and asking for the soul that my sitter wants to hear from to come to the phone for face-time.  If that soul is available and willing to communicate, then they will come through.  It is possible for another soul to answer the phone and communicate first before handing it over to the soul that the sitter wants to hear from.  The least I know about who it is you want to talk to, the better able I am to hear from the spirit world.  They know exactly who it is that you want to talk to.  There are occasions where a spirit will not come through for different reasons.  A good deal of the time, the spirit being sought may be in a healing place and needs separation from the earth plan in order to move on to the next level of their soul’ evolution, either through reincarnation or by doing special “heavenly” work on the other side.  Their failure to come through does not mean that they have forgotten about you or don’t love you.  Sometimes they don’t come through because they know that your attachment to them is so strong that you’re gave a difficult time letting go.  Therefore, they lovingly set the boundary so that you will do your grief work and move on.  Those souls in God’s white light truly are enlightened and know what your need for your progression through grief work.  It’s almost like they are trying to convey through their lack of communication that their time on earth with you is over and that you should heal from your loss and move forward and enjoy the rest of your life.  It is important for you to know that this does not mean that they don’t love you.  It means that they are giving you your freedom to begin again and to live your life to the fullest.

When I open up to the spirit world, I never know who will come through.  Referring to the phone analogy that I used earlier, it’s like calling the land-line to someone’s house (which by the way is almost an obsolete concept) and not knowing who will answer the phone.  It could be a family member, distant relative or friend that answers the phone.  The soul that answers the phone will talk to you before handing the phone off to the one you want to talk to or he could very well tell you that the person you want to talk to isn’t available now but may be available later.  There are many reasons why a spirit may not come through.  The two most common reasons that come to mind are that the soul could still be transitioning to his new life on the other side or could be reincarnating.  I have no control over who will answer my call.  My job is to deliver the messages from those in Spirit to you.  I may not always understand what the message mean but you should.  Sometimes a message can come through from a soul that you don’t know.  However, the message is just as important for you to remember because it could be intended for a distant family member, friend or coworker that you will be coming in contact with in the future.  I may take brief pauses as I connect with the spirits that are present.  Don’t take these pauses as a sign that the reading is over.  It is very common that some information that comes through in a reading may not make sense to you at at the time.  Please do not dismiss the information as wrong.  You will do yourself a huge disservice if you do.  Spirit has a great way of validating their existence by bringing through information that you have no knowledge of at the time of the reading, but later find out to be accurate.


General Expectations

 Expect that I might ask you if the message is making sense to you but please don’t volunteer a lot of information until the reading has concluded.  At that time you can ask any questions that you have and offer as much information that you like as we attempt to put the puzzle pieces together and reflect on the reading.  The more you tell me about yourself and your situation, the less I can tell you. Be open to what you are hearing without saying no too quickly.  You could be receiving information that you may not understand until later.  A prime example of this occurred during a reading I had  several year ago with a young college student.  Her German grandmother came through during a reading to say how proud she was of her granddaughter.  This young woman was adamant about not having a German grandmother and demanded to have her money returned.  She called the very next day and could not apologize enough to me for behaving the way she did.  She said that she had talked to her mother the evening of the day of her reading and that her mother told her that she did have a German grandmother that had passed away in Germany.  This was her paternal grandmother whom she had never met and her family had never discussed for various reasons.    

Expect that you won’t be able to control the content of the session.  There is a reason why you are coming to me for spiritual counseling.  Spirit gives you what you need to know, not necessarily what you want to know.  Sometimes knowing too much can interfere with your life path because knowing too much may actually cause you to sabotage the good Spirit has in store for you.  It is not meant, nor is it necessary to know everything or to rely on psychics or mediums too frequently.

Expect that no matter what you hear in your session, you will have to take responsibility for your choices and decisions.  You may reorder your priorities as a result of what you heard or make new choices that impact the course of your life.  But, remember, Spirit will never tell you what to do and neither will I.  You have freewill and must make your own decisions.

Expect to walk away from your session feeling whole, healed and full of hope, validation and peace.

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