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A practicing Registered Nurse for over three decades, Shirley Smolko—The Venetian Medium—is also a gifted Psychic Medium who has communicated with Spirit from the time she was five years old. In this captivating book, Shirley shares her most fascinating stories about the spirits she has encountered inhabiting the ethers everywhere. My Adventures as a Psychic Nurse & Medium: Spirits Everywhere! is a scary good read that will keep you glued to each and every page.

Over the years hospitals have been perceived as havens of hope, healing, and birth. They have also been perceived as prisons of pain, suffering, and death. Because of the large number of deaths that occur each day at hospitals, it should come as no surprise that they are very haunted. The souls that haunt hospitals may be confused, have unfinished business, are afraid of what awaits them on the other side, or are hungry for physical life and looking for someone they can easily possess to fulfill their fleshy desires. Regardless of the many reasons why they haunt, ghosts can be found in every corridor and room inside a hospital. Hospitals are very haunted and I should know because I am a psychic nurse! Join me on my adventures into the fascinating world of spirits and haunted hospitals.

Kubler-Ross’s “Five Stages” of grief model focuses on an individual’s acceptance of separation and integration fo loss through these stages in order to resolve grief. Freud’s “Grief Work” theory postulates that grief is resolved by severing bonds with the deceased. While these models may work for some, the “Continuing Bonds” theory is often a better alternative. This bereavement model states that healing grief is on ongoing process, and it is normal and healthy to stay connected to deceased loved ones in redefined ways. After-death communication enables the bereaved to make this connection and has been proven to significantly help individual’s cope with death. Many grief stricken individuals consult with mediums to initiate communication with their loved ones in Spirit, but what if you could communicate directly with them without the help of a medium. It’s possible because they are just a thought away, and in this workbook, I show you how.

 W. T. Stead who drowned in the icy waters of the North Atlantic upon the sinking of the Titanic describes the tragic scene he witnessed upon his passing:

“There were hundreds of bodies floating in the water—dead—hundreds of souls carried through the air, alive; very much alive….The scene on the boat at the time of the sinking was not so pleasant, but it was as nothing compared to the scene among the poor souls newly thrust out of their bodies, all unwillingly. It was both heartbreaking and repellant. And thus we waited, waited until all were collected, until all were ready, and then we moved our scene to a different land.” — The Blue Island

Shirley’s tour of the Spirit World:

“One night after retiring to bed, I asked God to show me the world of Spirit. I had been seeing glimpses of the afterlife for as long as I could remember, but I had a deep desire for a better understanding. I felt it would help give me insight into the plight of the spirits I delivered messages for. Soon after falling asleep I began a tour of the spirit world that would forever impact my perspective on the afterlife.” — Just a Thought Away: Communicating With Loved Ones in Spirit

The mind, whether Universal or Individual, has only one way to initiate the act of creation and that is through thought, which in turn always expresses in words. You control your destiny by the thoughts you think, and the words you speak. Therefore, set your mind on the things that you desire. Let go of any tendency to speak critically of yourself or others, and do not damn yourself, your friends, or your work with words of pessimism. Through the Law of Command, the words you speak are alive and creative. 

Neville Goddard was one of the twentieth century’s most intellectually prolific and charismatic writers and lecturers on esoteric philosophy. In his early lectures and books, Neville wrote solely about what he called “The Law”—the technique of creating one’s physical reality through imagining. From the late 1930s until his death in 1972, he wrote more than ten books, and was a very popular lecturer.

As it is with all of Neville’s books, At Your Command is a timeless work of metaphysical wisdom. It is as applicable today as it was in the early twentieth century. The Universe is waiting for your command. What will you create?

I never weaken my position by affirming that I want anything. I say it wants me, and I know it will come. There is no use in making that statement, of course, if you doubt it. You must back up your statement with faith and feel it is already yours. It is rather on the principle of the honey-pot and the swarm of summer bees; you are the pot of honey—dollars are the bees. The honey doesn’t worry about the bees, it is content to be sweet, to give off a delicious scent, and to stick. Bees make and eat honey! They need and want honey! They come from everywhere, even other hives, they swarm into it, sip its sweet nectar, and buzz all around. The honey has power, irresistible power so far as bees go, they must have it! Say you run some particular line of business, you are the honey, and in the world there are many people who want what you have to give them. They will gladly pay you money for it, because they cannot help being attracted to your honey.

The whole universe is alive with cosmic intelligence; it is Infinite Creative Mind at work. Mind gives birth to thought and then uses thought as the model of its creation. The mind, whether Universal or Individual, has only one way to initiate the act of creation and that is through thought, which in turn always expresses in words. We always think in concrete terms or words.

You control your destiny by the thoughts you think and the words you speak. Therefore, it is imperative for you to achieve wealth consciousness if you want to manifest abundance and prosperity.  Let go of any tendency to speak critically of rich people, and do not damn yourself, your friends, or your work with words of pessimism.  Believe you have a right to be rich and make it so!

The word command means to have authority or control. Through the Law of Command, you can create all the money you need to experience the good life. Never underestimate the power of your words. With your words you have created your present reality. If you have created a life of lack and limitation with your previous words, you can change your financial circumstances, starting today, by achieving wealth consciousness and commanding money to come to you!

Physical science traces matter back to its origin in a primary substance which it calls ether. This ether pervades all space everywhere and there is no place where it cannot be found. Ether is simply a name given to that which can neither be seen, felt, tasted, nor actually examined scientifically, yet the necessity of the case posits its omnipresence. It is a frictionless, pulseless, motionless medium until it is moved by some form of energy.

Since we live in a world of energy, since the substance of the universe is really energy, the problem of science and philosophy alike has been to account for the first presence of energy in ether. What force moved upon or within ether to give the vortex rings their first impulse? Many physical scientists now declare that the explanation is metaphysical or due to the act of a Will or Mind.

The secret to The Science of Getting Rich is knowing how to form and sustain energy with thoughts that create wealth along with acting in a certain way by connecting thought with personal action. For instance, you must open a channel for riches to flow to you—such as a business or investment—if you expect to get rich!

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” 

—Proverbs 4:7 (KJV)

Acquiring wealth is not selfish, nor is it evil. Wealth allows us the resources to experience growth intellectually, socially, and spiritually. You should have all the wealth you need to live a full and happy life with an abundance of every good thing to enjoy. 

Join Shirley Smolko—The Venetian Medium—as she reveals the hidden wisdom of the wealthy dead. Through her interviews with three popular tycoons of the Gilded Age—Hetty Green, Cornelius Vanderbilt, & John D. Rockefeller—you’ll understand the mindset required to join the ranks of the wealthy. This wisdom is as applicable today as it was then.