How To Prepare For Your Reading

Before coming to me for a psychic reading, or psychic business consultation, be sure to talk to Spirit about what it is you need guidance with. It’s important to believe that you will receive the information you need, not necessarily all the information you want. Sometimes what we think we must know may not be for our highest good at the time, and could actually negatively influence the outcome of an event. I will not ask you upfront what the core issues are that you are seeking help with. I prefer to discern all information from Spirit.  

 If you’re coming to me for a mediumship reading, talk to your loved ones in Spirit and tell them you are going to be at the reading and you want them to be there too. Set an intention, but not an expectation that the one/ones you want to hear from will come through. It is important to be open and available while trusting that whoever comes through, is the one who is supposed to. It’s possible that you might hear from ancestors you were not close to, loved ones you didn’t get along with, or people who are connected to other people in your lives.

Do not overshare information during the reading. I like to begin the reading telling you what I see, hear, and feel. Basically, I will only ask you if the information coming through is making is sense to you, or if you understand the message. I prefer if people respond with “Yes”, “No” or “I don’t know.” This allows me to receive the clearest information possible from Spirit without interference.

Be open to what Spirit has to say.  A closed mind is the energetic equivalent of a closed door, but healthy skepticism is okay. It is best to have a reading when you are calm and relaxed. You shouldn’t have a reading when you are cynical, distracted, stressed, intoxicated, not feeling well, or in a bad mood because these negative moods or states of consciousness can decrease the quality of your reading. I want to be able to perceive clear information from Spirit without being distracted by the energy of your mood.