My Testimonials

Testimonial #1

I have not only received an outstanding reading from Shirl myself but she read out of my shop for about a year and my clients absolutely loved her.  There aren’t many people that tout themselves Mediums and Psychics that I would stake my and my shop’s (The Holy Rose in Historic City Market, Raleigh, N.C.) reputation on by referring someone to…but I would and do recommend Shirl.  She’s kind, unassuming, approachable and extremely good at what she does.  A truly gifted spirit indeed.  If you’re looking for someone to give you a meaningful reading from a genuine soul who’s not on an ego trip…Shirl will not disappoint.

Priestess Rose (Owner of the Holy Rose) Raleigh NC — 9/26/2018

Testimonial #2

I am writing to let everyone who reads this know the blessing I received upon talking to Shirley about my husband who had committed suicide 5 years ago in August of 2013.  He indicated to me through his final note that it was my fault he had to die and I wanted him dead.  That has haunted me for 5 years.  My husband had great mental and emotional problems stemming from his childhood and none of his actions on earth were his fault in his eyes.  He was abusive to me for almost 30 years before I left and when I did he couldn’t handle it.  I always felt guilty about that because deep down I never stopped loving him even though he made my life very difficult.  He was able to connect with me through Shirley and ask for forgiveness for lots of things.  Shirley would never have been aware of the issues he brought up if he had not revealed them to her.  He told me he always loved me and in no way was his death my fault.  Shirley knew so many facts about how he lived in such depression and loneliness due to a bad childhood and was able to understand what he was trying to get across to me.  He wanted me to know he is still with me but I already knew that.  Shirley was able to intervene and bring closure to feelings I have had for almost 5 years of total despair about my role in my husband’s decision to take his life.  He’s in heaven which I suspected because he was saved but he was adamant that I know that.  He is at peace and now so am I thanks to Shirley.  Please seek her out for those open questions with your deceased loved ones.  She is blessed with a gift that is incredible.  She can help you find peace you deserve and your loved ones want you to have.  Thank you Shirley!  God bless you and I thank Him for sending you to me in such a wonderful way at the time I needed forgiveness and to forgive.  May you help many many more people like me.

Bev C., Clayton, NC — 7/22/2018

Testimonial #3

Shirley came into Fantastic Sams. I had no idea she was a medium/psychic. I asked her about my friend who died. She told me things she could not have just known. I asked about my Dad too and she knew even more. She totally blew my mind. Shirley has given me some peace of mind. 

Eva C., Clayton, NC — 5/17/2018

Testimonial #4

Amazing, amazing! Mind blown by how Shirley connected with my ancestors and talked about details of my bloodline and ancestors. She also confirmed my spiritual connection and future work. I also knew and have been told many times about my ability to be a spiritual advisor and healer as well. I enjoyed the reading so much, very in tune, very real. 

Jossie M., Kissimmee, FL — 9/22/2018

Testimonial #5

The honesty is great on what she was letting me know areas to grow myself on success. Very interesting and on point. Gave me ideas on what to do as a job for financial security. Many options which I didn’t think about. 

Anabell R., Deltona, FL. — 9/22/2018

Testimonial #6

I had been having a hard couple of days. Been feeling really down about my weight and body image. Besides my husband and one other girlfriend, I hadn’t advertised I’d been feeling that way, and surely hadn’t said anything to Shirl, let alone seen her. But, when she walked through the door, and immediately came to me, hugged me, and said, “it’s okay, you’re going to get through this, lose weight, and have an amazing summer,” I was floored. She had no way of knowing this issue was bogging me down. This is only one example. Shirl has been dead on, ever time we’ve spoken. I love talking to her, because it’s like talking to someone who has known you for years!

Nicole M., Raleigh, NC — 5/10/2018

Testimonial #7

Shirley is a beautiful soul. I saw her from across the room and her energy captivated me. Shirley came up to me asking if I was a student. I haven’t been in school for over two years. She kept telling me if I’m not, I should be! She gave me reassurance today! She reminded me of something I have known all along, that I am a healer. Since I am 25 years old, I am still unsure of what I want to do for my future. She definitely reminded me of what my purpose here on earth is—to be a light worker / healer. This was an amazing reading and a great reassurance. PS – I haven’t thought about going to school since I completed my skin care license and just today I was speaking to my friends how I wanted to go back. 

Brittney S., Orlando, FL — 9/22/2018

Testimonial #8

Shirley Smolko is a gifted intuitive and clear channel of the Divine Presence. I have know Shirley for almost five years and she’s been a blessing to know. She is someone with great integrity, great love and compassion, especially as she delivers her message from the Divine. It’s with amazing clarity, awareness, and sensitivity that she is able to communicate what your heart needs to hear. I strongly recommend Shirley as a great spiritual advisor who cares and honors you in the process of bringing her gift! She is the best!

Rev. Ana Q., Raleigh, NC 7/25/2018

Testimonial #9

I found Shirl’s card at a metaphysical shop in Raleigh and gave her a call.  I was hoping to hear from an aunt who had passed several years ago.  My aunt and I were more like sisters than aunt and niece.  We were very close.  I knew she had emotional issues and a very troubled life.  I wanted to make sure that she was in a good place because she had taken her on life.  The reading was very emotional.  Shirley was able to tell me things about my aunt and her life that she had no way of knowing.  She was able to reassure me that my aunt had experienced soul healing and was in a good place.  Now I have peace, knowing that my aunt is at peace.

Deborah M., Raleigh, NC — 9/2015

Testimonial #10

Shirley has been a customer at my restaurant for many years.  However, it was only recently that I became aware that she is a Psychic Medium.  She gave me a reading that absolutely blew my mind.  I had been doing a lot of soul searching about my life and the changes that I wanted to make.  She was able to give me the validation that I needed to move forward.  I had not mentioned anything to her about how I was feeling or what I was thinking about doing.  

Donna S., Garner, NC — 9/20/14

Testimonial #11

Shirley gave me the most amazing reading.  I had been wanting to hear from a good friend of my who died from AIDS.  Over the years I had seen many mediums but none of them were able to channel my friend.  Shirley gave me information about my relationship with him that she could not have known unless he had told her.  I was able to get the closure that I had been needing for so long.  I know that he is in a good place and doing well.

Patti, Raleigh, NC — 7/2013

Testimonial #12

I saw Shirley at the One Tribe Fest in Raleigh, NC.  I had just finished my Master’s degree in Family counseling and she knew this without me telling her.  I was looking for insight regarding some career and business decisions I had to make.  She was able to give me the confirmation that I needed to move forward.  Talking to her is like talking to your best friend.  She is truly a beautiful and gifted soul.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for insight and direction in their lives.

Maggie, Cary, NC — 2/2013

Testimonial #13

Shirley was awesome! My reading with her gave me encouragement and hope. Spirit guided her to reveal insights that gave me guidance and helped me to feel better about my future. As a result, I was able to get in touch with my inner, higher self and see what actions I should take in a clear & lucid way. I’m grateful and excited about my new sense of direction.

Linda D., Sarasota, FL 3/2021